Learning About Cheese Should Be Fun

Cheese & Such was created by cheese lover Katie, to chronicle her journey learning more about the world’s best cheese.

Our Story

Cheese & Such was created by a cheese lover who was frustrated about how intimidating the world of cheese seemed.

Welcome! My name is Katie Matthews and I love cheese.

Despite having eaten the stuff every chance I get since the time I was a kid, one day I realized I didn’t actually know a lot about the dairy I love so much.

So I set out to change that, enrolling in an Associate credential through the UK-based Academy of Cheese.

Cheese & Such is a way for me to share what I learn while studying towards this credential, but I know it will also become a project with a life of its own.

You see, I’ve worked as a blogger for over a decade now, starting out as a travel blogger, where I got to travel the world and get paid while I was doing it!

With the birth of our daughter, my husband and I wanted to slow down.

These days, I have a popular parenting blog, a popular food and decor blog, and now – what I hope will become a popular cheese blog!

Why the name Cheese & Such? To me, the “& such” is important, so I can cover drink and food pairings as well! After all, cheese is best with friends!